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CAKNA is an agency that offers road tax renewal and car insurance services by deducting a certain percentage of your monthly wage as the payment method.

All of its offered services can only be conducted online.

Therefore, CAKNA needs a competent method in order to provide information dan details when clients want to properly receive their assistance.



We chose to use videos as a way to provide important information regarding CAKNA.

Due to the nature of CAKNA’s services being online, we chose to prioritise the use of online services as it is very dominant especially post-pandemic.

It is without a doubt that CAKNA can offer the best in their services compared to other agencies which would require their clients to attend a physical meetup. This is due to the fact that CAKNA prioritises their customers’ health more than anything, which is why they prefer if the customers to stay indoors and away from any risk of contracting the dangerous Covid-19 disease.

Being with CAKNA is definitely a breeze as you can get their services at any time, anywhere and this is extremely beneficial to those who have other daily commitments such as work and studies.

We have also taken the initiative to provide information in a gradual manner, right from A to Z. With this method, we can promise CAKNA’s customers can get correct and reliable information when it comes to getting their desires fulfilled.


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