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Astra Taipan

Astra Taipan is a wholesale and distributing agency that operates around Klang Valley.

Astra Taipan is in need of a platform that can increase their credibility as well as introducing their services to potential clients.



With our own capabilities, we did some improvements in terms of building a better image for the company. This was done by designing a new company logo which would be able to showcase their corporate side as well as the professionalism that definitely possessed by the company.

We then proceeded to design some company representation onto the company’s vehicular assets which are a number of vans. This is done so Astra Taipan can gain recognition whenever and where ever they are.

We then took the initiative to improve their social media platform, including their Facebook, TikTok and Instagram page in order to make it more professional and credible.

In order to escalate the number of reach and views, we have done scheduled postings accordingly and made use of the “Live” feature on the platform, as well as hosting competitions.


Last but not least, we have developed and designed a website that is specifically focused on building the company’s credibility, making their professionalism evident. This itself is able to prove that Astra Taipan is a prestigious and competitive as a wholesale and distributing company.

Our focus of design on the website was to make it a minimalist and practical site, making use of more logos and symbols instead of writings for easier and better comprehension among website visitors.

This featured use is the most relevant and thoughtful initiative that we have provided to the company as they produce and manufacture a plethora of merchandise for various brands across Malaysia. Therefore, users can enjoy the leisure of recognising Astra Taipan’s products without having to search high and low as the logos can be identified easily.


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